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Whole Child Support: *Middle School


Middle school students confront unique social and emotional learning challenges.  We offer personalized educational resources and guidance to best support the whole child through this critical stage in his/her development.  We define short and long-term goals, design success-oriented action plans, and develop activities that will engage and enrich a student’s life.  Our services include:


  • Goal-setting and accountability

  • Learning style assessment

  • Writing classes or individual instruction

  • Support circles

  • Executive functioning strategies

* We've taught at and worked with students from The Town School for Boys and Stuart Hall for Boys.  We understand the middle school student!

Independent High School Admission


The independent high school admission process requires multiple essays, shadow visits and interviews and can be a stressful experience for both students and parents. Our clear, step-by-step timeline and success-oriented essay instruction promotes a stress-free, reflective process and builds students’ confidence and purpose.  Our services include:

  • Match school identification

  • Essay assistance

  • Timeline and due date management

  • Interview preparation

  • Emotional support and stress-reduction

Writing Workshops & Individual Instruction


Middle school students are expected to develop more complex personal, as well as analytical, writing.  In these fun, successful-oriented Writing Workshops, students will be exposed to journalism, narrative, poetry and analytical paragraphs.  Resources such as Writing Down the Bones and Don’t Forget to Write are used.


Reading Clubs


For middle school readers, choice, humor, and fun are vital.  We run Reading Clubs for all kinds of readers; our incentives, humor and prizes help all readers feel proud of themselves and their reading growth.


Tutoring & Homework Clubs


Both academic confidence and social status are key during middle school.  Helping students feel successful and in control of their core classes goes a long way to supporting their growth and enjoyment of school.  We offer both homework clubs and individualized instruction.

9th & 10th Grade Counseling


9th and 10th grader begin to make decisions that impact the college admission process.  We work with students to ensure their high school roadmap includes:


  • Appropriate course selection

  • Motivation and accountability strategies

  • SAT/ACT recommendations

  • Enriching summer activities

11th Grade Counseling


Colleges view 11th grade as an important demonstration of a student's academic skills and motivation. We coach juniors on a  stress-free, step-by-step basis how to best balance their lives during this year, including:

  • Appropriate course selection

  • GPA improvement

  • SAT/ACT strategy

  • SAT Subject Test recommendations

  • Selective leadership opportunities

  • Financial aid and scholarship search

  • Initial college list and eligibility parameters

  • Emotional support and accountability


12th Grade Counseling


During senior year, our services include the submission of strong college applications and essays.  In addition, we make sure students can benefit from:


  • Available test-taking opportunities

  • Appropriate college lists and eligibility

  • Gap year programs

  • Scholarship search

  • financial aid resources

Transfer Students
Graduate students

Our coaching services help students think strategically about their next steps. 


  • Declared major

  • Credit review

  • Robust application

  • compelling essays


We help students applying for their MA, MBA, or other degree programs submit compelling application resumes, essays and other required documentation.

Girl Time
International Students
Young Author
Financial Aid & Scholarship Consulting

International Students


We know what it’s like to attend school in a foreign country and are known for our understanding and effective guidance to helping international students successfully navigate the U.S. university admission and student visa application processes.  We help students understand the requirements for and apply to both U.S. undergraduate and master’s degree programs.


We give financial aid workshops that explain the FAFSA, College Profile and school grant applications, and we consult for families that seek individualized scholarship resources.


Business Consultation
Informational Presentations

We present lively and informative college information workshops on topics such as:

  • The College Admission Process: an Overview

  • Six Ways to Afford College

  • Five Steps to College Essays

  • How To Make Your Mark in Four Years

  • How to Successfully Apply to the UC’s

  • The Four Parts of the Common Application Explained

  • Should Your Student Take the SAT or ACT?

  • How to Save Money for College

  • Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants, Explained


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