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Thank you again for all your help, guidance, and wisdom through this process. 
Warm regards,
Parent, Berkeley, April 2024


For the 12 small liberal arts schools he applied to, he has been accepted at Reed, Macalester, and Grinnell - and given a merit scholarship at Grinnell, which we were really surprised by!  We are really pleased and excited about the great results and wanted to thank you so much for all of your help!

Lafayette/Orinda parent, March 2024

Thanks Liz, this wouldn't have been possible without you! Lewis and Clark is definitely towards the top of my list. The New School and Sarah Lawrence are the ones I've been thinking about as my top choices, but I'm still psyched that I got into Lewis and Clark.

Student, Berkeley, March 4, 2024

We didn't know where his journey might take him but we're so happy with where he landed. He put in the work and laid the groundwork for a great college experience, but you were the driving force behind his actions. We're sure he will flourish at UCB . . .Thank you, thank you, thank you for your diligence, persistence, knowledge and unwavering support of our son for the last 18+ months,

SF Parent, March 30, 2024

I definitely don't remember college admissions being this cutthroat back in my day! These poor kids . . .Thank you so much for your help in getting her through the super-exhausting essay process! You were absolutely instrumental, and we really appreciate the guidance you provided.

With gratitude,

Lowell High School, SF, Parent, March 2023

Liz guided my son through the application essay-writing process, coaching a hesitant writer to produce heartfelt and polished essays.  Highly recommend! 

Acalanes High School Parent, 2018

Liz was an invaluable resource and asset while I was applying to transfer colleges.  She offered an in-depth analysis of how to construct a compelling narrative that would demonstrate my individuality through a series of college essays. Liz was there every step of the way to offer step by step editing to curtail my essays to near perfection. She also offered strategy on what major/majors to apply for in order to gain the best possible chance of acceptance. Liz was also very flexible in catering to my busy schedule and was willing to talk over the phone during evening hours. I could tell throughout the process that Liz wanted the best possible outcome for me and would do everything she could to help me get there. I cannot thank Liz enough for helping me get into my dream school. 

Transfer Student, UCD - UCB, 2018

R. was accepted to Columbia and Stanford (plus 4 in the UK).  He finally decided on Columbia, which was his first choice from the beginning. We are all very excited. I want to thank you again for your support. 

Columbia University Parent, 2016

Thank you for guiding me throughout this entire process -- I couldn't have done this without you!   Everything I've written with you has helped me grow and understand myself better, and I hope I will fulfill the great expectations you see in me!  I've also been reading Lab Girl as you recommended, and I absolutely LOVE it!! It's actually given me a new perspective on what it's like to enter scientific research professionally as a woman. It's a bit of a reality check, but it also offers the glories of pursuing research and how much someone can love what they do. I had been second-guessing myself recently about if I could really succeed in science, but reading this book has helped encourage me to confidently follow the path to science. Let me add my note of thanks as well, Liz!  You have been a wonderful guide for [my daughter]. 

Acalanes High School Student, 2018

Ms. La Porte was a significant factor in supporting our daughter’s college application process. Ms. La Porte is trained in and has a thorough command of guiding students through the process of the writing necessary for the essays required for successful college applications. She provided excellent coaching including the process of finding and deciding on what topics out of the student’s personal history might lend themselves to answering different kinds of essay prompts. A second step involved guidance in structuring and presenting ideas so that the reader would get the most insight into who our daughter is, how she thinks, and what she cares about.  Ms. La Porte is a patient teacher and coach. We highly recommend her coaching services.

 C. B., Campolindo High School/Harvard Parent,  2018

Liz La Porte was such an integral part of our son's college admissions experience, I don't know what we would have done without her!  She worked with my son to help him turn his love for pure math into an interesting personal essay that was accessible to those of us (including college admissions folks) who might not really understand pure math! It was eloquent and expressive, and while Liz was so important to the creative process, the end result was a true window into him.  He is now happily ensconced at a college he loves, studying math and computer science. Thank you, Liz!

 Kimberley Spears, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep Parent, 2018

Liz is the college counselor any parent would consider themselves lucky to have work with their teen. My son worked with Liz beginning his Sophomore year through the Senior year college application process. Liz is able to communicate with teens with empathy, support, and acceptance. My son was able to talk with Liz and listen to her suggestions in a constructive manner which I, as his parent, could not achieve. Throughout the process, Liz focused on my son and his unique needs and interests. In choosing high school courses and extracurricular activities, Liz provided my son with the perspective of how an admissions officer would view those choices, enabling him to make more informed decisions. Liz encouraged my son to visit the colleges he was interested in as well as presenting him with suggestions of other schools that had not crossed his radar. Liz is an excellent writer herself and patient editor. With perseverance, she was able to coach my son past his “writer blocks” to writing college essays which he was proud of. I genuinely do not know how our family would have survived the past two years without Liz guiding my son and reassuring me as a nervous parent.

Linda Greub, Acalanes High School Parent, 2018

My daughter and I found Elizabeth's assistance and advice extremely valuable! We were both so lost in the process and feeling like we were running out of time, however, Elizabeth was so calm and patient and keep us organized and on track!  My daughter feels like she was 100% prepared when she finally did apply to her selected schools. We highly recommend Elizabeth!

Kristina Wolf (Rhoades), Campolindo High School Parent, 2017

Liz helped me through my whole application process, she worked as my private college counselor. With her, I researched universities such as Sarah Lawrence College that I would have never found otherwise. She helped me pick schools that corresponded to my personality, which was a lot of help. Liz also was incredible at reading, rewriting, polishing, and helping me finish write my college essay. Thank you for everything, Liz!

Ana Sofia Fraser, Sarah Lawrence College Student, 2017

Liz was my son's college counselor. We started the process late, but Liz was able to bring us up to speed quickly and with aplomb. She was instrumental in assembling a group of colleges that were a good fit for my son, a job I was not able to wrap my head around. Also, her teaching background makes her excellent at working with the student to draw out an engaging essay topic and work through the writing and editing of the essay, all with a keen eye on what will get noticed by admissions personnel.

 Acalanes High School Parent, 2017

J. is really getting a lot out of your workshops and seems to have made a great connection with you. Thank you for your support and guidance!

 Campolindo High School Parent, 2016

I just wanted to let you know that I got admitted into Columbia and Stanford! I’ve also been placed on Yale and U Chicago’s waitlists. I still don’t know which school to go to, but I’ll be sure to let you know once I make my final decision (by the May 1st deadline). I also want to thank you, once again, for your feedback on my essays and for helping me through the whole application process. I did feel overwhelmed, at times, by the work I had to do, even if I did just apply to five universities, but I am really glad to see it all pay off in the end.

 R.M., Edron School, Mexico City, 2016

I do want to thank you for an amazing experience for my daughter. I look forward to staying in touch as she embarks on the next few years."

 K. V., Bentley School Parent, 2016

Thank you so much for helping with my essay. I love it and am very proud of it. I just wanted to say thank you and how grateful I am to have such a wonderful essay going forward.

J. C., Campolindo High School Student, 2016

Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  I am really excited about Claremont McKenna!  I will keep in touch with you.  Have a great summer, Ms. La Porte! 

 Y. C., Claremont McKenna College Student, 2015

The end result couldn't have been more satisfying, and I owe much of it to Liz. Not only was her professional and technical guidance spot on, but her personal support –again, possibly the most important aspect of the whole endeavor- essentially renovated my drive to apply to international schools and even helped me with my self-confidence.

E. R., UC Santa Cruz, Dean's Scholarship Student, 2015

I just want to say thanks for all your help.  I still remember the day we met that I was crying about Pepperdine and you were really helpful.  Thank you because I am honestly the happiest person in the world right now!

 M. A., Pepperdine University Student, 2015

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