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November 28, 2020 Dear students and parents, We hope you are having a happy and safe Thanksgiving break! Here's a bit of last-minute advice, and, if you need more guidance, feel free to reach out. 1. Print out or save your UC application as a pdf document, just in case. 2. Use the Additional Information section for how COVID-19 impacted you or your family. 3. UCSD Just when you thought you could submit, UCSD asks you to list your preferences for seven residential/academic colleges. Some of the main (and important) differences are:

  • general education requirements

  • residence halls and location on campus

  • general ed writing sequences

  • acceptance - or not - of AP credits

  • philosophy and focus

: where the sciences, arts, and humanities join to educate and inspire multidisciplinary scholars. The College was modeled on a traditional liberal arts college and includes general education requirements spanning from humanities, math, sciences, social sciences, fine arts to language. Revelle is known for its intensive writing course in humanities.

Muir College: recognized for individuality & independent spirit.The focus is on the environment and sustainability; the general education requirements include two writing supplements, social sciences, sciences/math, two courses in humanities and foreign language. AP and IB credits can be used towards fulfilling the general ed requirements.

Marshall College: shaping us as scholars and citizens.The guiding philosophy is social justice, diversity of culture in America. In support of the philosophy, students must take a three-quarter sequence called the Dimensions of Culturewhichtouchesonthethemesofdiversity, justiceandimagination.

Warren College: fostering responsible citizenship in a global society. Students are required to a take a two-quarter writing course in addition to two courses in ethics and society and two additional programs of study beyond the student’s major, thus ensuring that every student take humanities and fine arts, math and sciences ands social sciences. A description of the program for engineering and non engineering students.

Roosevelt College: developing world citizens through scholarship, leadership, and service.The emphasis is on on global citizenship and it has similar general requirements as Revelle. At its core is the Making of the Modern World (MMW), an interdisciplinary sequences of courses of history, anthropology, literature, political science and sociology. AP or IB credits cannot be used to exempt any quarter of the MMW course.

Sixth College: an experience that is innovative, interconnected, and aware.The theme is the intersection of culture, arts and technology; students take a mandatory three-quarter core sequence called Culture, Art and Technology (CAT). Students are required to take one course in information technology as well as ten breadth courses in social sciences, math, sciences and art.

Seventh College: equipping the next generation of scholars, leaders, and innovators with the tools to confront our changing planet. It is brand new; the theme appears to be interdisciplinary and an opportunity for students to gain a deeper knowledge of their major.

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