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How to Successfully Apply to the UC's

1.  Tour the UC campuses.

Get informed.  Which UC campuses fit your academic and personal goals?

Click here to take a virtual tour or to book an in-person visit to any of the UC campuses. 

2.  Review the UC acceptance rates and parameters.

These acceptance rates by campus are only one indicator; remember, most campuses use the holistic evaluation for each applicant.

Use these rates as a general guide to selectivity and not as a predictor of your chance for admission to the UC's.

3.  Finish your UC essays this summer.

Four 350-word essays are required - review the eight prompts here.

Your essays are the key to standing out from your classmates. Contact us for information about current and on-going college essay sessions.  

4.  Raise your SAT/ACT scores.

The very best way to improve your test scores is to simulate the test situation. Take a free, full-length practice test - SAT.

5.  Take 2-3 SAT Subject Tests.

Most students score 650- 750 (out of 800).  Start practicing now!

6.  Take a SAT Subject Test in a foreign language this *November!

The College Board gives foreign language with listening tests ONLY in November. Click here.

7. Plan to major in engineering?

8.  Transfer from a community college.

The UC's admitted more transfers from within California last year than ever; consider community college or a less selective UC campus when applying. Thanks for reading! 

Best regards,


Raised in Lafayette (attended Acalanes HS), Liz is an expert college counselor and writing instructor. Her class of 2019 students have been accepted Early Decision to Stanford University, Pitzer College, and others. Her no-obligation consultations are free.

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