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How to Successfully Apply to the UC's, Part II

Challenge yourself, do what you love, and write distinctive essays. Get noticed.

Congratulations to our latest class of students who've been accepted to Stanford, UCB, Pitzer, UCSB, and other top universities.

Given the current admissions issues, now is the perfect time to talk with students about the value of integrity and hard work. Remind students that college applications stand out by demonstrating honesty, a growth mind-set, and a genuine interest in learning. 

More specifically:

1.  Take the highest level of math possible.  Students explain why.

2.  Embrace challenge.

UC Berkeley wants students to know it's OK to fail.

3.  Write engaging, personal UC Essays.

Enroll in our UC App Boot Camp (four days) and complete all essays

this summer. Contact us for registration information.

4.  Work a job.

The benefits of being employed - from the SAT College Board.

5.  Apply to the right UC campus.

Did you know that Riverside has the largest UC undergrad business program?

UC undergraduate programs, by campus.

6.  Review the UC's distinctive acceptance profiles.

*Use these guides as information and not as a predictor of your chance for admission.

7.  Apply to UCSD to have a "small college" experience. Click here.

8.  Factor in happiness. 

The Harvard Happiness Study explains.

9.  Prepare before taking the SAT's.  UC's accept tests taken through Dec 2019. 

Additional freshman requirements.

10.  Lastly, visit each UC campus and pay attention to your intuition. Why? Click here.

UC campus profiles.

Thanks for reading! 

Best regards,


Raised in Lafayette and having attended Acalanes High School, Liz is a graduate of Swarthmore College and UC Berkeley. She is an experienced college counselor and credentialed high school English teacher. Her no-obligation consultations are free.

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