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Live + Q-A Webinar Series

Check out our Webinar Series videos which features interviews with admission directors from University of Washington, Loyola Marymount University, San Diego University, University of Arizona/Tucson, Harvey Mudd, University of British Columbia, and a student's perspective about USC.  More coming soon!  

Study Group

Accepting New Students  


Now accepting new students for the 2021-2022 academic year.  SAT tests, GPA, course selection, and more - students make important decisions that impact their college profile, so starting early makes a significant difference. Our Strategic College Admission Plans chart clear paths for freshmen to rising seniors to optimize:

  • Course Rigor & Selection 

  • GPA Maximization & Academic Eligibility 

  • SAT/ACT Test Strategies

  • Distinctive Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Summer Enrichment

  • College Exploration: Safety, Target, and Reach 

  • College Majors

  • College Visits and Research

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid Information 

  • And more!

What's the process to go forward?

Set up a no-obligation phone or zoom meeting to share your student's college goals and get to know us more.  We then send a customized proposal outlining our specific service responsibilities, including several payment options. For more information, visit FAQ.

College Students

                     Acceptances 2021


  • Boston Conservatory, Berklee School of Music

  • Lehigh University, full $200K Scholarship

  • Lewis & Clark College, $80K Merit Award

  • The New School, $42K per year

  • Northwestern University, $40K per year

  • Parsons School of Design, The New School

  • Pratt Institute

  • Reed College

  • Simon Fraser University (Canada)

  • School of Mines

  • University of Arizona

  • University of British Columbia

  • UC Berkeley

  • UC Davis

  • UCLA

  • UC Merced

  • UC Riverside

  • UC Santa Barbara

  • UC Santa Cruz 

  • University of Southern California

  • University of Victoria (Canada)

  • University of Washington

  • Whitman College, $40K

  • and more!


Selective Summer Programs 


Don't wait until June to plan our summer program; applications for the most selective internships and summer program can be due as early as December 15. 


Plan ahead and explore programs through Stanford University, UCB, Texas Tech, and more or find out about cool and fun volunteer opportunities with local hospitals, historical associations, and Bay Area cities and counties.  Take a class and get high school credit to bump up your GPA or start your own small business around your neighborhood. 

We can help! 


Elizabeth worked one-on-one with our daughter to assist in the college planning process from recommending colleges that met our goals, to writing college essays, to assisting in finding applicable scholarships to apply to, and to keeping her on pace with deadlines.  My daughter is now happily attending UCSD studying Global Health, and we are all very grateful for all of the assistance that Liz provided.  Thank you!!

Stacee Gillelen, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep Parent,  2017

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Walking on Campus

Spanish Tutoring

Native Speakers

Middle School and High School



Reading Club




College Advising

We help parents and students navigate the college preparation and admission process, ensuring that the best, and most appropriate, academic, extracurricular, and social-emotional learning decisions are made.  We meet students' needs, whether it is a four-year roadmap, essay instruction, or individual coaching. 

The key to a successful process is having a supportive, encouraging, relationship and providing a clear outline of the expectations, which includes comprehensive management of the admission process, year-by-year, and timeline management and deadlines of standardized testing, college applications, and financial aid applications.


Over the course of the high school experience, we meet students regularly in-person and during the coronavirus outbreak via video conferencing to optimize the following:


  • Course Selection & Rigor

  • GPA Maximization 

  • Academic Eligibility: Ivy League, UC’s, and selective top-tier schools

  • SAT/ACT Plans and Strategies

  • Extracurricular Opportunities: academic, leadership, and community service 

  • Summer Enrichment  

  • Gap Year Options (if requested)

  • College Lists: a curated range of safety, target, and reach schools 

  • College Majors

  • College Essays

  • College Visits and Research

  • College Costs & Affordability Options

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid Information & Options

  • Financial Aid Application

  • Interview Preparation

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Choosing Between Multiple Acceptance Packages


English Tutoring

We work with middle and high school students on essay structure, literature analysis, and organization.

Our students attend schools in San Francisco and the East Bay:


  • Acalanes

  • Bay

  • Benicia

  • Bentley

  • Campolindo

  • Galileo

  • Las Lomas

  • Lowell

  • Miramonte

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep

  • Saint Ignatius

  • San Ramon

  • Stuart Hall for Boys

  • Town School for Boys

  • Waldorf

SSAT Tutoring

We meet with middle school students at their home or school and prepare them for the SSAT by taking them through diagnostic exercises, practicing test questions, and identifying test-taking skills.  Sessions are personalized; we meet students at their level and build their confidence through a series of successful learning cycles.  Individual or package rates apply.


      2021, so far!

  • Lehigh University, full 200K Scholarship

  • Lewis & Clark, 80K Scholarship

  • Reed College

  • School of Mines

  • University of Arizona

  • University of British Columbia

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • Whitman College: 48K Scholarship


  • Amherst College

  • Bates College

  • Bowdoin College

  • Colby College

  • Connecticut College

  • Duke University

  • Oberlin College

  • Occidental College

  • Stony Brook University

  • Swarthmore College

  • Smith College

  • Tufts University

  • University of British Columbia

  • UC Berkeley

  • UC Davis

  • UCLA

  • UC San Diego

  • UC Santa Barbara

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • University of Illinois

  • University of Michigan

  • Williams College


  • Chapman University

  • Colorado School of Mines

  • Cornell University

  • Gonzaga University

  • Harvard University

  • Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Lewis and Clark College

  • Northeastern University

  • Occidental College

  • Purdue University

  • UC Berkeley

  • UC Davis

  • UC Irvine

  • UCLA

  • UC Santa Barbara

  • UC San Diego

  • University of Seattle

  • University of Washington


  • Clark University

  • Connecticut College

  • Knox University

  • Lewis and Clark College

  • Loyola Marymount University

  • Mt. Holyoke College

  • Seattle University

  • Stanford University

  • Tulane University

  • UC Berkeley

  • UC Davis

  • UC Irvine

  • UCLA

  • UC Riverside

  • UC San Diego

  • UC Santa Barbara

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • University of Puget Sound

  • University of San Francisco

  • University of Washington

  • Whitman College

  • Whittier College

  • Willamette University

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