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Congratulations to Our

Class of 2024

Early Admits

Cornell University, Pitzer College,
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison, among many others.
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Our comprehensive service packages guide all aspects of your college application journey – from leadership development, college selection strategies, and summer program applications –  to essay writing and interview practice. Our goal is to mentor you every step of the way and ensure that you have the competitive edge needed to stand out among other applicants.

Webinar Series

Learn what admission directors say about St. Mary's College, Loyola Marymount University, San Diego University, Whitman College, University of Arizona, Harvey Mudd College, Scripps College, Reed College, and more in the webinar series. 

Webinar Series

Webinar Series

Webinar Series
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Liz La Porte: Summer Progams for HS Students, Fall 2020

Liz La Porte: Summer Progams for HS Students, Fall 2020

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Harvey Mudd Webinar Thyra Briggs  9 10 2020

Harvey Mudd Webinar Thyra Briggs 9 10 2020

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The University of British Columbia admission counselor, Britt Fernandes,

The University of British Columbia admission counselor, Britt Fernandes,

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University of Washington

University of Washington

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Elizabeth worked one-on-one with our daughter to assist in the college planning process from recommending colleges that met our goals, to writing college essays, to assisting in finding applicable scholarships to apply to, and to keeping her on pace with deadlines.  My daughter is now happily attending UCSD studying Global Health, and we are all very grateful for all of the assistance that Liz provided.  Thank you!!

Stacee Gillelen, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep Parent,  2017

College Student

College Advising

We help parents and students navigate the college preparation and admission process, ensuring that the best, and most appropriate, academic, extracurricular, and social-emotional learning decisions are made.  We meet students' needs, whether it is a four-year roadmap, essay instruction, or individual coaching. 

The key to a successful process is having a supportive, encouraging, relationship and providing a clear outline of the expectations, which includes comprehensive management of the admission process, year-by-year, and timeline management and deadlines of standardized testing, college applications, and financial aid applications.


Over the course of the high school experience, we meet students regularly in-person and during the coronavirus outbreak via video conferencing to optimize the following:


  • Course Selection & Rigor

  • GPA Maximization 

  • Academic Eligibility: Ivy League, UC’s, and selective top-tier schools

  • SAT/ACT Plans and Strategies

  • Extracurricular Opportunities: academic, leadership, and community service 

  • Summer Enrichment  

  • Gap Year Options (if requested)

  • College Lists: a curated range of safety, target, and reach schools 

  • College Majors

  • College Essays

  • College Visits and Research

  • College Costs & Affordability Options

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid Information & Options

  • Financial Aid Application

  • Interview Preparation

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Choosing Between Multiple Acceptance Packages


Uc Berkeley
UC San Diego
Sarah Lawrence College
Harvard University
Vanderbilt University
Duke University
UC Santa Barbara
University of Massachusetts
University of Rochester
Washington University
UC Berkeley
Swathmore College
Stanford University
UC Irving
Occidental College
Middlebury University
University of Santa Cruz
Northwester University
Wisconsin University
Whitman College
La Porte Education Advising is a San Francisco Bay Area-based educational consulting practice. We are teachers that provide expert college admissions and essay guidance to students pursuing admission into top-tier universities.
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